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Following on from our previous post about soil tests, you might be wondering why soil types matter.

Different soil classes have various capacities to shrink or swell (also known as movement), and this affects the way the footings for your home or structure need to be designed. Your soil type will also guide the landscaping and drainage requirements for your block. According to the Australian Standard AS2870, soils in Australia are classed into the following:

Soil types Australian Standard AS2870

Ideal soil types to build on are A and S. It is not impossible to build on the other classes, however, it is definitely more costly to do so, and problematic sites call for careful management over the life of your building. This is why it is wise to perform a soil test prior to signing any contracts to purchase land, or commencing a build or renovation. A soil test may cost a few hundred dollars but could save you thousands in the long run.

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AW Geotechnics Pty. Ltd. are geotechnical engineering specialists. We are passionate about investigating the soil under our feet and take great pride in providing our clients with a high level of service based on reliability, efficiency and expertise. 

Strong footings and foundations are crucial for the longevity of any piece of infrastructure. This is why it is important to begin the building process with a geotechnical engineer you can trust. At AW Geotechnics we take pride in providing our clients with reliable information through our soil tests. This enables them to make well informed decisions for the construction of anything from carports to telecommunications towers. 

As a boutique sized company your questions can be answered by a senior member of staff. Our head office is based in Brisbane, but our trusted network of experienced drillers allow us to mobilise quickly for geotechnical investigations from Rockhampton to southern New South Wales and the ACT. If you need a soil test or geotechnical report delivered by a reputable provider, contact us today.

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